Futa Cum Laude Universe

Dory Drake: Inconvenience Futanari Detective Series 1
(futanari, futanari_on_female, romance)

Available On: [Smashwords]
College sophomore Dory Drake is going through a rough patch. She must return home to her small town in Oregon to bury her mother, recently killed in a factory accident. To make matters worse, Dory’s girlfriend dumps her after discovering the grieving girl’s closely guarded secret. Dory is a fully-functioning futanari–a woman with pulsing male parts and a high sex-drive. When she meets another futanari, Dory discovers why so many horny well-hung girls have appeared across the globe. For the first time in her life, Dory realizes she isn’t alone.

(futanari, futanari_on_futanari, futanari_on_female, impregnation, taboo)

Available On: [Literotica] * [Stories Online] * [Hentai-Foundry]
Madison and Diana are futanari half-sisters. Sick of being minorities, they conspire to impregnate young women and populate the world with their kind. But when one of them becomes more radical, can the other bring her back to earth? Or will the rift break a sisterly bond and destroy their dreams?

Crosswinds 2: Dark Currents
(futanari, futanari_on_futanari, futanari_on_female, impregnation, taboo)

Available On: [Literotica] * [Stories Online] * [Hentai-Foundry]
Madison Masters tries her best to move on from the tragic events that led to her mother’s death and sister’s incarceration. Starting her senior year at Moringa University, the all-futanari college, she finds acclimation difficult. Her twisted relationship with Diana haunts her and she often wishes her sister were with her in Moringa. She should have been more careful about her wishes.

Cari Creambottom Universe

Cari Creambottom & The Peppermint Queen: A Futanari Christmas Tale
(futanari, futanari_on_female, female_on_female, cum_drinking, elves)

Available On: Smashwords
Cari Creambottom is a lonely, single, and overworked 25-year-old Christmas elf with a problem. On the verge of getting fired from Santa’s Workshop, she’s sent on a special mission to redeem herself. With Christmas right around the corner, she must retrieve a unique kind of eggnog produced by a very unique spirit only known as The Peppermint Queen. But it’s going to take a lot more than asking ‘pretty please’ before she gives up her precious drink. The Queen is a futanari elf, an insatiable creature that wants nothing more than feasting her carnal desires on a virgin elf such as Cari. Sexually inexperienced, Cari allies herself with a former elven officer that’s talented in more ways than one. They soon find out the deck has been stacked against them on all fronts. Together, the pair embark on an erotic journey that boasts high fantasy action, romance, and humor.

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